Village life in India

India is a big country with more than 70% of its population living in the villages. The life in villages is simple. The main occupation of the people living in villages is farming. The affairs of the villages are looked after by the `panchyats’.

People live in mud houses. The streets are laid with the bricks. Most of the villages are not connected by rail. Some of the villages are not even connected by road also. People use bullock carts, cycles or walk to travel to other places. Villages have primary school and health center. Some villages also have veterinary center.

We depend on villages for many of our needs like food grains, vegetables, milk and many things needed for industry. People in villages also depended on towns for things like medicines and other items like tractor and machines for farming etc.

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indian village

Village kids playing with cows

Dusty village roads in india

village man having breakfast

village women doing house hold works

Village women makiing flour

village women of india

Life in indian village

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