Umiya Mata Temple, Unjha

Unjha is a city in Mehsana district in the Indian state of Gujarat. Unjha is famous for UMIYA MAATA TEMPLE that is located in the center of the city where thousands of visitors visit everyday. It is about 1200 years old but it was rebuilt around a century ago with the aid of the people living here. It has continued to shower blessings to the devotees till date, and it is firmly believed that Unjha is prosperous because of the blessings of Goddess Umiya.

The most noticeable thing a person experiences when he is 1 mile away from Unjha is the fragrance of cumin seeds (Jeera). The whole atmosphere is filled with mild fragrance of cumin seeds, as it has the largest marketyard for selling the seed produce. It has a very large Ganj Bazaar or the Market Yard with many offices and trading sheds and warehouses where tonnes of seeds are stored.


pillars of unjha-umiya-mata-temple in Unjha - Gujarat, India

Ceiling of a hall in umiya mata temple

godess umiya mata inside the main shrine

umiya mataji temple in unjha, gujarat

brass door in umiya mata temple

carvings in the ceiling of umiya mata temple

devotees near in umiya mata temple

Thanks for Photographer Emmanuel Dyan for sharing his photos.

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