Sathuragiri Hills

Sathuragiri Hills is situated 10 km from Watrap (Vathirairuppu) near Srivilliputhur. The name Sathuragiri came from Chathur (4) Veda (Vedas) Giri (Hill), where all the four Vedas met and formed the hill. Another meaning is that the whole mountain is in square (Chathuram) in shape so the name Chathuragiri. Sathuragiri is the Abode of God. It is otherwise also called as Mahalingam Hill.

For the first timer, it takes nearly 4 to 5 hours to climb to the Top of the hill. Rest, can reach the top within 2 to 3 hours. On the hill there is no electricity, no telephone connection, no range for cell phones no shops, no hotels, and no lodges. Annadhana is going on from morning to evening near both the temples and stay in the shelter provided there before dark falls. Basic amenities are provided at the hill.

Chathuragiri otherwise known as ' SUNDARA MAHALINGAM in tamil nadu

This picture will give you a perspective of how far away the cave temple is!

trekking or the path to the temple in sathuragiri

Really steep. Only when returning back, I was wondering how I came up this!

small shrines along the path towards the mountain

At the start of the trek!

entrance to the temple in Sathuragiri Hills

The arch that welcomes devotees to "sunthara mahalingam". The two temples are about 20 minutes away from each other by walk. The temple is at an altitude of 871m above sea level.

direction board desi style | direction boards in Sathuragiri Hills

Route to theni, kambam. Only those well versed with the route take this!

shiva lingams in Sathuragiri Hills

At 651m above sea level, these appear to be naturally formed twin lingas!

small hindu shrine in the base of Sathuragiri Hills

This temple is seen just before reaching the upper deities.

shrine of lord shiva in the top of Sathuragiri Hills

This is the "upper" Mahalingam. Very difficult and dangerous trek. A lot of "siddhars" are supposed to be meditating here.

Thanks for Photographer deepakkt for sharing his photos.

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