Indian Trucks

India has a large road network of over 3.314 million kilometers of roadways (2.1 million miles), making it the third largest road network in the world. Most of the goods are transferred through trucks and the truck has become the integral part of the lives of many drivers and owners. Indian tucks are reflects of culture and lifestyle of their locality .

goods carrier in the indian roads

truck transporting straw in the kerala roads | overloaded truck

Shot at Checkpost Near Wayanadu Wildlife Sanctuary

people travelling in goods carrier a common scene in indian roads

they were on the road ahead of us on the way to pathankot. aren't they lovely?

overloaded truck in indian roads

We saw four or five of these Dr. Suess-like trucks thundering down the road.

dirver cleaning his truck in a river

There was a steady stream of brightly painted trucks pulling in to get washed in the river.

goods transportation through trucks in indian roads

On the road back to Bangalore, we got caught up in a massive truck jam that delayed us for well over an hour

truck in indian roads

decoration in indian trucks

Thanks for Photographers sakeeb, mckaysavage, jmorgan, ellyjonez, kholkute, bryangeek, brownknows and ElPablo! for sharing their photos


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